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Australia’s Superheroes in Life Insurance Comparisons

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Gross Income

Is the ANNUAL income before tax generated by work performed in the client’s own occupation. Income not generated from personal exertion, such as investment income, should not be included.

Employees may include additional elements of their salary package, provided they were not included in the original package/ salary listed on their application, such as motor vehicle allowance, superannuation, and regular and recurring bonus or commission payments (over three year history).

Self-employed applicants are sole traders, partners, shareholders or employees of their own business, (e.g. Pty Ltd company, trust or partnership). Monthly earnings are based on the client’s share of the business profits they are entitled to and/or receive directly or otherwise. Business profits are calculated in the usual manner that profits and losses in a business are calculated. Some items can be added back from the profit and loss such as the client’s share of: donations, salary/wage and/or Director’s fees, superannuation paid, salary/wage and or superannuation income split with spouse, a percentage of private use of a motor vehicle, if not already taken into account, depreciation costs if not already taken into account, depending on the item and the amount.

Life Insurance

This will provide a lump sum cash payment to your family if you die and thus are no longer here to generate your Future Earnings. You chose what amount you feel is appropriate to eliminate debts and to provide funds to maintain their quality of life.

Trauma Insurance

You can add this option to your Life Insurance. This will provide you with a lump sum cash payment if you are diagnosed with a critical illness (heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc). This helps to meet the added expenses like medical bills and other costs during this time. It is generally an option that is selected if Income Protection and T.P.D are not available or for older lives.

TPD Insurance

You can add this option to your Life Insurance. This benefit will provide you with a lump sum cash payment to replace your Future Earnings if you become Totally and Permanently Disabled and thus are no longer able to work in your OWN OCCUPATION. This insurance is designed for long term disabilities that mean that you can never go back to your usual occupation.

Income Protection

This will provide you with a replacement Gross Income payment each month that you are too sick or disabled to work. Benefits accrue after just 30 days and the benefit payments continue each month until age 65. You can just purchase this cover on its own or with Life Insurance. The maximum monthly benefit is limited to 75% of your Gross Income and the premiums are generally 100% Tax Deductible. We call this the Superhero of Future Earnings Protection.

Do you want Income Protection (paid until AGE 65)

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Superheroes Insurance

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Superheroes come in many shapes and forms, but our A team is in the best position to rescue you from excessive life insurance quotes. We don’t need a radioactive spider bite or utility belt of gadgets to be able to help you with an insurance comparison quote online in Australia.

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Quick Reference Guide to Help You Compare Insurance Quotes Online

Even the best human superheroes can find hardship in an unpredictable world. With our Life Insurance comparison online quote tool, you can discover the leading options available in Australia, and choose exactly what you need. There’s no reason to go without the best level of Life and Trauma coverage, or high quality protection for your income. With our superheroes geared up and ready to go, you’ll gain a peace of mind in knowing that villainous policies are kept at bay.  For more information about our quotes, use our tool to compare life insurance quotes online!

compare life insurance quotes online
compare life insurance quotes online australia

Giving everyday Australians access to competitive, effective cover

We give you the chance discover exceptional deals on Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection and Total Permanent Disability (TPD).Don’t pay more than you have to – utilise the comparison tool straight from our top secret hero arsenal. Discover fantastic quotes which may have otherwise been concealed from you by the evil shroud of the internet.

As our very own Life Insurance quote comparison hero – Captain Protection – would say: “Good health, like good looks, is a gift, not a given”. We’re pretty sure he’s talking about himself (just for a change), but it’s also true that any one of us, at any time at all, can experience a surprise threat to our health. We offer the best deals on a variety of insurance options, allowing you to access the most competitive quotes and suitable coverage options. Our process means you’re able to apply 100% online, eliminating the fuss of dealing with call centres or the need for middle-man communication. Simply fill in the form, and our team in Australia will do the rest.

Remember, with Great Insurance comes Great Protection.

Watch our Super Helpful Superheroes clips to find out more about the services we can provide you.

With our Comparison powers combined…

Backed by our considerable online might, our fierce fighting force will scour the four corners of the World Wide Web to bring you the biggest and best quotes at the lowest possible prices. ‘How can you compare life insurance quotes when there’s so many to choose from online in Australia?’ I hear you all ask with your innocent pleading eyes gazing up at me. Well that is where our online comparison tool comes into play – granting us superhuman powers to tame the complicated mass of the web and churn out a straightforward and convenient list of viable options.

Speak with our heroes today for any questions, queries or pleas for help

Is there a bank robbery? Damsel in distress? Kitten stuck in a tree? Outrageously priced insurance quote? Allow our team of legendary saviors to assist! If you wanted to learn more about how you can compare insurance quotes online in Australia, or wanted to understand how the comparison process itself worked, give us a call today on 1300 316 048. All of our heroes are super listeners and will gladly talk you through our service so you can feel confident with your decision to join our ever vigilant allegiance against evil insurance policies.

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