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What is Life Insurance?

Many people ask, “What is Life Insurance and do I need it?” without realising how important it can be. Life insurance is meant to take care of major bills that could arise in the event of the life insured’s death or major illness. With a safe and secure plan from a team of superheroes like us, you can be confident that your coverage will be top quality and provide for all of your needs.

Australian Life Insurance pays a lump sum amount on death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. So if the worst happens, your foresight will pay off the mortgage and other debts, provide for your children’s education, obtain childcare and secure your family’s lifestyle. This will allow your family to focus on supporting each other, not worrying about paying the bills at such a difficult time. What is Life Insurance? It is the best way to provide for your family if you pass away.

Australian Life Insurance offers peace of mind that you and your family will be covered financially in the worst situations. What would happen if you, the financial superhero of the household, suddenly fell ill or passed away? With life insurance through Superhero Insurance, your family would receive money to take care of your final expenses as well as any other bills that may arise. What is Life Insurance? It is the coverage that could save your family from financial trouble in the worst of times.

Insure Your Biggest Asset!

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Our company works exclusively with the best superheroes of Australian Life Insurance. Our partner providers offer the best coverage around and offer the most bang for your buck. Here is a list of our partner companies and why they are the best in the game:


Who is TAL?

TAL is the largest specialist of Australian Life Insurance since 1869, and they have been helping people get the insurance cover they need.

  • TAL were awarded Life Insurer of the Year – 2009, 2011 – 2013
  • TAL finished in their financial year maintaining profit levels amid a record claims payout of $885 million.
  • Every working day TAL pays on average $3.3m in claims.
  • TAL has $1.7 billion of enforce premiums (as at 30 June 2013).
  • TAL protects over 2.5 million Australians, either directly, through a financial adviser or as ‘insurer of choice’ for some of Australia’s largest employers, super funds and master trusts.
  • They are owned by the Dai-ichi Insurance Company Limited – one of the world’s largest life insurers

Who is AIA?

AIA Australia Ltd provides comprehensive, flexible life cover options that aim to protect the financial health and welfare of Australians. They combine their extensive international experience with local expertise to offer some of the country’s most innovative life cover options. Their products and services are constantly under review to ensure they meet the changing needs of the Australian population.

Who is Asteron?

Asteron has been an Australian Life Insurance specialist for more than 175 years. In 1833 they wrote the first life policy in Australia. True to the promise they make to their customers, they have been paying claims ever since. Today Asteron is part of the Suncorp Group. Suncorp is a unique, diversified financial services group. Suncorp’s brands are well known and they are regarded as leaders in general insurance, banking, life insurance and wealth management. They operate in Australia and New Zealand.

Who is Macquarie Life?

Macquarie Life Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Bank Limited. Established in 1992 Macquarie Life has been issuing to clients Australian Life Insurance policies since 2000. Macquarie Life is an innovative Australian life insurance provider delivering quality service and offers a suite of competitive products to help meet the needs of clients. They answer the question “What is Life insurance?” with top level coverage and easy terms for their clients.

Who is Zurich?

Zurich Financial Services Group is an Australian Life Insurance financial services provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America and Europe as well as in Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets. The group was founded in 1872, and based in Zürich, Switzerland, is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. Zurich employs an estimated 55,000 people, servicing customers around the world in more than 160 countries.

Don’t forget, superheroes, that your premiums are also tax deductible! You can add the cost of your Income Insurance in Australia to your annual tax return and potentially receive a refund. The best Income Protection Insurances in the land just got even better!

What is Life Insurance?

It is the best way to protect your family from sudden and unexpected financial disaster. It is the best choice for those who may be getting older and could soon pass away, leaving major bills behind for their family to pay. What is Life Insurance? It is coverage that you need, and coverage you can count on.

Superhero insurance brings the best Australian Life Insurance companies together to offer top-notch protection from the unpredictable super villains of life. When you have the right type of coverage and the right level for your needs, you can rest easy knowing you are protected by the best. What is Life Cover? It is the kind of coverage you need.

Fend off the bad guys of terminal illness and death with Australian Life Cover through Superhero Insurance.