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Making Personal Insurance Affordable by Utilising Your Superannuation

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Captain Protection’s lightning-fast speed, superhuman strength and ability to fly are only susceptible to one thing – ridiculous prices. To him and the rest of the A Team, a silly price tag is akin to Superman and kryptonite, but luckily we help him avoid them using OUR superpower; sourcing the most competitively-priced insurance through Superannuation in the galaxy.

Slash the price of your Income Protection, Disability and Life Insurance in Super

Did you know that 93% of Gen Y identify affordability as one of the top reasons why they do not have adequate personal protection? Positively, the majority of this group would take out adequate income protection, life and/or disability insurance if it could be funded from their Superannuation account. Recognising this, Australia’s largest insurance company, TAL, has launched a product that meets this demand perfectly.

Proudly providing Superannuation Insurance Cover for regular and SMSF funds

We are proud to be able to offer you the TAL “Superlink” offering. This delivers a policy structure through which you can have part of your insurance cover within superannuation and part outside. The concept is designed to give you access to the most favourable insurance cover available whilst simultaneously maximising the allowable funding and tax benefits, through super. It’s more of a win-win situation than Tobey Maguire quitting the Spiderman film franchise.

Cover for SMSF and standard Superannuation your way for Life Policies and more

The reason for the two policies is simple. The Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations (SIS) only allows for basic types of policies to be paid from a Super account. However, TAL offers premier policies with market leading definitions and features. Hence, Superlink gives the client one basic policy that can funded via standard or SMSF Super, and another “top up premier” cover that is outside Superannuation. The “top up” policy premiums are paid directly by the client, but it is a fraction of what they would normally pay directly themselves. Better yet, the policy in Superannuation gets a 15% discount. In the event of a claim, TAL looks at both policies to maximise the benefit payable to you. The best Personal Insurance made affordable to Gen Y – now that’s super!

Apply with us today for total peace of mind

There’s no better feeling than when you know you’re properly protected should the worst happen. Click here to apply quickly and easily with us online. Call us now on 1300 316 048 to learn more about what we offer!