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Hi there fellow superhero. Here are the next steps to complete your Superhero, TAL Life, Asteron, Zurich, AIA or Macquarie Life, Insurance Application.

Step One – is where we need to confirm all your personal details

It’s important this is all accurate as this will be used for your Life Insurance, Income Protection, TPD or Trauma Insurance application and your Free Will. TAL Life is Australia’s largest Life Insurance specialist, they have a very simple goal which is to make Life Insurance a well-understood and valued part of people’s lives. A big part of that goal is to make Life Insurance not just accessible, but easy to obtain. TAL Life, along with Asteron, Zurich, AIA and Macquarie Life, have all worked closely with Superhero Insurance to build the world’s first smart client online application!

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step Two – is where you complete your application for personal insurance

This generally takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on your personal circumstances. Great Life Insurance is an insurance policy that is set up specifically for your circumstances, not a one size fits all approach, and it is one that doesn’t have any nasty surprises at claim time. To set that up for you, we just need to understand thoroughly your circumstances, and sometimes that means asking a few more questions to make sure we do everything right for you. Once the TAL Life, Asteron, Zurich, AIA or Macquarie Life has received your Life application, we will advise what other requirements may be required. This can involve having a blood test or a medical examination, or they may write to your doctor for a report. We will let you know what these requirements are as soon as TAL Life, Asteron, Zurich, AIA or Macquarie Life let us know.

Your Life Cover, Income Protection, TPD or Trauma Insurance does not commence until the insurer has completed their assessment, approved your application and issued the insurance policy. Some insurers provide interim cover in certain circumstances while they are assessing your application. The terms and conditions of the cover are outlined in either the TAL Life, Asteron, Zurich, AIA or Macquarie Life Product Disclosure Statement. You do not pay an extra premium for this cover.

Do Life Insurance companies really pay claims?

In 2011, statistics show that Australian Life Companies paid out around $4 Billion in claims. The top 5 insurance companies, including TAL Life and AIA, paid out 95% of Income Protection Claims. TAL Life – Australia’s largest Insurance company, pays $850,000,000 a year in claims to Australians.

Step Three – is your complimentary Will for you and your spouse

The best way you to ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes when you die, is by making a Will. Studies have shown that at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid Will. In addition to not having your estate distributed according to your wishes, your family will incur additional cost and potential hardship. The great news is that Superhero Insurance will provide you with the ability to complete a last Will and testament form online, absolutely free of charge. Once you have finished this insurance application, you can move on to the Will section. It could take you as little as 5 minutes if you have a partner and wish to leave 100% of your estate to them. Insurance and Will in the one offering, now that’s Super!

If you like you can come back and do the will at a later time. Just don’t forget your login password! Remember that whilst we know your are super smart, don’t hesitate to call us if you need any assistance.

Good luck!

Note that neither Lowe Financial Group, the Integrity Financial Planners or RAMS Home Loans ACT North represent that they hold the authorisation’s and/or approvals required to provide legal advice in any jurisdictions where the material on this website may be viewed or received. The Will document is not intended to be comprehensive, and it does not constitute and must not be relied on as legal advice. You must seek specific advice tailored to your circumstances. The Bonus Will Offer is a complimentary benefit provided to designated clients of Lowe Financial Group. The service is provided by a non-related entity, My Will Online. The Wills created are suitable for the majority of individuals. However, if you have a complex situation (for example family trusts, overseas property or complex private company structures in place) we strongly encourage you to seek professional legal advice.